Top Things to do in and around Ahangama

It is a place to relax, rejuvenate and experience heritage, culture, nature and the way of life in the remote south of Sri Lanka.

Whilst enjoying Sun Sea & Sand one can couple the leisure with the experiences. No necessity to pack and unpack bags to experience the south of Sri Lanka. Taking Insight Resort as the base with day or half day excursions a cross section of interests and experiences can be met. Such as a visit to Sinharaja Forest – a world heritage site, Dutch Fortress of Galle – a world heritage site, Yala, Bundala & Udawalawe sanctuaries, Kalamatiya bird sanctuary, ancient temples, Kataragama holy shrine, Surfing, Turtle watching, Whale & Dolphin watching, marine experiences of underwater corals & fish life on glass bottom boating in lakes & rivers to enjoy & pass through mangrove.


A resort located in an area where you can also surf, dive and view the movement of Whales and Dolphins off Mirissa. The long quiet stretch of beach offers you peace in abundance and a dip in the warm Indian Ocean is rejuvenating. Lie under a palm tree and relax on this unpolluted stretch. Learn the art of stilt fishing – a mastery passed down from generation to generation and experience the insight of the only village of stilt fishing in the world. Discover various things to do in Ahangama, making your stay at Insight Resort even more memorable.


Our Tours

Whale Watching in Sri Lanka

During the tour , you will encounter a variety of whale species, including the majestic sperm whales, humpback whales & dolphins.

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Dutch Fortress of Galle

Walk through the Galle city, living museum of the Dutch architecture, which still boasts its colonial heritage and historic fort.

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Diving In Sri Lanka

Hikkaduwa is the prime spot for diving in the south west of Sri Lanka and it is the first marine sanctuary in Sri Lanka.

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Hikkaduwa – Is yet another famous beach resort in the south coast of the Island. The beautiful Coral Reef in shallow water protected by a rock formation is an excellent place to view corals. Denizens of fantastically set in and beautiful corals and to find fish swimming among them attracts many for snorkelling and diving. Viewing of the corals can also be done from the comforts of a glass bottomed boat. A journey to Hikkaduwa is only 20 minutes on the highway.

Sinharaja Rainforest

To the entrance of yet another world heritage site, the Sinharaja Forest will take you just 1 hr 45 minutes. To the exciting territory of the mighty wild elephants and the largest density of leopards in the world, Udawalawe and Yala, respectively is just a day’s excursion

Galle Dutch Fortress

Interestingly, a world heritage site the Galle Dutch Fortress is just around the corner and visits to the deep down south ancient temples with its beautiful and colourful paintings and sculptures such as Vevarukannala and Veherahena is a matter of just 15 – 30 minutes.


It is a well known fact that Sri Lanka contains some of the best beaches in the world for surfing. In this context in the southern coast of Sri Lanka, Ahangama, Midigama and Welhengoda, in very close proximity to the Insight Resort are in the top listings for surfing in this beautiful island. Some call it a surfers paradise as it has very hard fall left break which surfers yearn for and enjoy.

Ahangama, Midigama and Welhengoda are significant spots due to the breaks that are listed amongst the information shared by surfers. The most interesting surfing point is found between Ahangama and Midigama and the place is called “Rock” as the peak is right in front of huge rock that juts out from the sea. The break there is supposed to be having a long left and a steep short right and the wave is supposed to be as much as 7 feet.

The Insight Resort offers very cost effective accommodation in non sea view air conditioned rooms for long stay surfers. The Resort also offers beautiful air conditioned sea view rooms.

Load your surf board on the top of a ‘tuk tuk’ and drive just 5 minutes –

  • Northwards to Welhengoda (1.6 km)
  • Southwards to Midigama (3.7 km)


There are many non profitable organizations supported by International Organizations that run sea turtle farms, purely maintained for the survival of sea turtles and to offer this to the next generation. 

There is a Turtle Farm situated in Habaraduwa which is a 10 minute drive in a tuk tuk from the Insight Resort towards Galle. It is just by the Galle-Matara main road. This Turtle Farm was started in 1986 and to date they are supposed to have released more than 500,000 sea turtles to the ocean.

It is also said on a full moon (Poya) day that many turtles can be found in the area of Midigama, and even on non full moon nights Tourists go to the Midigama area in the nights to spot turtles. It is an interesting night excursion to join up with reliable locals to watch the turtle habitat in the Ahangama and Mirigama areas.

Mirissa – Whale & Dolphin Watching

Mirissa is only 30 minutes away from the Insight Resort where one could board a vessel managed by a team of professionals and cruise into the deep sea to view the free movement of Whales. Mirissa is famous for its frequent sightings of blue and sperm whales. One would have to be absolutely unlucky to miss a sighting of whales in Mirissa. It is also fun to be around the Dolphins jumping all over. These friendly Dolphins are loved by majority of the fisher folk who would not want to disturb them in any way.

Coconut Tree Hill Mirissa

Insta Famous Coconut tree Hill located in 1.5Km away from the Mirissa beach. Aside from Mirissa beach a 15 to 20 minutes breezy walk through the water, passing a couple of bays is the coconut tree dome. Or you can reach it via a restaurant nearby. Slip into a hammock and discover the breathtaking sunset while sipping fresh coconut water. Must say this is definitely an ideal spot for a stunning instagram pic!

Dondra Head Light House

Dondra Head Light house is the tallest lighthouse in Sri Lanka operated and maintained by Sri Lanka ports authority. It is located in Dondra head also known as Devundara thuduwa, the Southernmost point of Sri Lanka. The view is great so once you have visited all spots around mirissa beach this would be the next ideal to visit!

Photo via Flickr | CC BY 2.0

Underwater Marine Museum in Galle

Underwater museum of Sri Lanka Galle located 50 Feet / 15 Meters deep sea. This is open for public now and open 365 days. But It is not recommended to visit from May to Sep which is off-season for southern coast with rough sea. Recommended to visit Galle underwater museum from Nov 1 st to 30 April each year. 

All sculptures of the underwater museum in Galle were designed and sculpted by Navy sailors with the use of cement and ecofriendly material. Entire constructions work also were carried out by Sri Lanka Navy Team under direct supervision of Naval Commander of Sri Lanka. You can see different types of maritime / historical related sculptures at the underwater museum.

Martin Wickramasinghe Museum

The Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Museum is located the Koggala Free Trade Zone, not far from the coastal city of Galle. Once the home of he famous Sri Lankan Writer and Poet Martin Wickramasinghe, it is now a place filled with his memories and remnants. This interesting museum includes the house where respected Sinhalese author Martin Wickramasinghe (1890–1976) was born (the traditional southern structure dates back 200 years and has some Dutch architectural influences). 

Exhibits are well displayed, with information in English, with a good section on dance (including costumes and instruments), puppets, kolam (masked dance-drama) masks (including one of a very sunburnt British officer), carriages and Buddhist artefacts.

Koggala Boat Safari

Tucked away from the sights of the few tourists who venture this far into the heart of the south, the 30-km-long lake is a welcome change from the frenetic pace of the perennially-on-holiday towns in the vicinity. The polite and enthusiastic boat operator who took us on a tour was the only person conducting business on a Sunday evening. 

This meant we sailed in isolation for the most part of the 35 minutes, barring a few local fishermen returning home. The silence was only broken by the occasional bird call and the hum of the boat’s motor. The boatman informed us that the lake plays host to 10 crocodiles. Along the way, we had a few false sightings that all turned out to be large rocks instead.

Other Near By Attractions

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