Surf spots in Ahangama

Marshmellow Point (Insight)

Marshmallow is a popular surfing spot located in Ahangama, South-West Sri Lanka. It is also known as ‘Insight‘ since the surfing spot is located right in front our hotel.

It is known for its reef break and is situated in a prime wave territory. Marshmellow Surf Spot usually works best at high tide, low tide, and mid tide. This spot offers a variety of breaks, including point breaks, reef breaks, rivermouths, standing waves, and wave pools.

Ahangama, where Marshmallow is located, is a town close to other popular surfing spots like Weligama and Midigama. Ahangama is known for its awesome surf, making it a destination favored by both beginners and experienced surfers.

Surfers visiting Marshmallow can enjoy the sandy bottoms of the waves for learners. For intermediates and professionals, there are craggy points and jagged reefs along the coastline for an exciting experience. 

Surfing in Ahangama

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Indeed there is a surfing school right next to the hotel and they offer surfing lessons to beginners. 

We can also arrange a personal surfing instructor for you if needed.

Yes, Surfboards can be rented on hourly basis from the surfing school next door.

The surf season in Ahangama, including Marshmallow, typically runs from October to May, coinciding with the dry season in Sri Lanka. The peak season for swell and weather is usually from December to March.

Marshmellow point is mostly considered an intermediate surfing location although if you’re guided by an instructor, beginners can also surf safely at this point.

Yes, Kabalana beach is well suited for rookies. Located just 1km to the west of Insight resort. 

The beach break at Kabalana is great for beginners, as they can enjoy riding the white water and there are local surf schools available to assist them

  • Kabalana Beach – Kabalana Beach is a well-known surfing spot in Ahangama. It offers a beach break with waves suitable for both beginners and experienced surfers.
  • The Rock – It is considered by surfers as one of the best A-frame reef breaks in Sri Lanka.
  • Sticks- Sticks is known for its consistent and reliable waves, making it suitable for surfers of all levels, particularly longboarders and those looking for smaller wave conditions.
  • Gas station – Gas Station is a reef break with a right-hand wave that breaks over a shallow reef. The wave at Gas Station is known for being fast and powerful.
  • Ratith Reef – It is known for its fast and challenging right-hand wave that breaks over a shallow reef.

Surfing in Sri Lanka

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best surfing beaches in Sri Lanka?

Yes, Sri Lanka has several popular surfing hotspots. Some of the best surfing spots in Sri Lanka include Arugam Bay, Hikkadiwa, Mirissa, Weligama, Midigama and Ahangama.

What are the best surf spots in Sri Lanka for beginners?

Weligama Beach: Weligama is a great option for beginners as It's home to several surf schools and rental shops

Mirissa Beach: Mirissa is another popular spot for beginner surfers, with small to medium-sized waves and a variety of surf schools and rental options available.

Midigama Beach: Midigama is a quieter option compared to Weligama and Mirissa. The waves here are also suitable for beginners, with a mix of reef breaks and beach breaks.

Kabalana Beach: Kabalana beach in Ahangama is a great option for beginner to intermediate surfers, with a mix of sandy beach and reef breaks.

Hiriketiya Beach: Hiriketiya Beach provides waves that roll in almost all year round, which makes it a suitable location for surfers of all skill levels.

Can you surf in the west coast of Sri Lanka?

Yes, Some of the best surf spots on the west coast include Narigama (Hikkaduwa), Mirissa, and Weligama. The waves on the west coast are not as big as on the east coast, but they are ideal for beginners and intermediate surfers.

What is the best time to surf in Sri Lanka?

On the south and west coast of Sri Lanka, the surfing season typically runs from November to April.
On the east coast of Sri Lanka, the surfing season typically runs from May to September.

What are the surfing hotspots in east coast Sri Lanka?

Arugambay : "The Point," is a world-renowned surf spot. Its breaks are ideal for advanced surfers, but there are also several spots suitable for beginners.

Pottuvil Point: Pottuvil Point is located near the town of Pottuvil and offers some of the best surfing conditions for experienced surfers.

Peanut Farm: Peanut Farm is a secluded surf spot situated south of Arugam Bay. It is only accessible by boat and offers some of the most consistent waves on the east coast with a variety of breaks suitable for all levels of surfers.

Elephant Rock: Elephant Rock is located about 30 km north of the town of Arugam Bay and is another popular spot for experienced surfers. The waves here are fast and powerful, and they break over a shallow reef

What are the best places to surf with kids in sri lanka

Mirissa: Mirissa is a crescent-shaped beach surrounded by coconut trees. While the waves here are more suitable for experienced surfers, if you and your kids have some surfing skills, Mirissa can be a great place to enjoy surfing.

Hiriketiya: This beach offers a super-mellow beach break, making it ideal for beginners and kids who are learning to surf. The smaller, gentler waves and sandy bottom create a safer environment for children to practice their surfing skills.

Pottuvil Point: Although it is known for its challenging waves, Pottuvil Point also offers sections with smaller and more manageable waves suitable for kids and beginners to learn and improve their surfing abilities.

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