Surfing and Beyond: Weligama Beach’s Allure for Travelers


Weligama Beach is a seaside town located in the Matara District of Sri Lanka. It is famous for its stunning beaches and is a popular tourist destination. The name Weligama literally means “sandy village” in the local Sinhalese language. It is located just 9km away from Insight Resort.

The main beach is a crescent-shaped bay which is surrounded by palm trees. Weligama is known for its excellent surfing spots and is popular among surfers from around the world. The town also features several interesting cultural and historical attractions, including an ancient Buddhist temple and a traditional lace-making industry. 

The warm and welcoming local people, delicious food, and laid-back lifestyle all add to the charm of this beautiful coastal town.  The town itself is a mix of local charm and tourism infrastructure, offering a range of accommodations, restaurants, and shops to cater to visitors’ needs.

The beach spans over 2 kilometers and features golden sandy beaches. The beach is well-known for its calm and shallow waters, making it a safe place for swimming and other water activities. It is a popular spot for surfers due to its excellent surf breaks, attracting surfers from around the world.

Beyond its natural beauty, Weligama Beach offers a range of activities and attractions. Visitors can explore the nearby fishing town, where traditional stilt fishermen can be seen perched on poles in the water, practicing their age-old fishing techniques. There are also opportunities for snorkeling, diving, and boat trips to nearby islands for those seeking underwater adventures

How to get there?

Weligama is located just 28km from Galle and 148km away from Colombo. It is a 2-3hr drive via the southern expressway from Colombo. 

If you’re using public transport it is easier to take a Highway bus to Galle (EX -01)  or Matara and reach Weligama via hoping in to another bus. The bus ride may take about 03 hours.

Weligama has a train station and there are several express trains which run to Beliatta and Matara daily make a stop here. Although trains can be crowded depending on the time of the day. 

What are the activities available in Weligama?

The region offers a wide range of water activities that cater to various interests and skill levels. Here are some of the water activities available in Weligama:

  • Surfing

    Weligama is renowned for its excellent surf breaks, making it a haven for surfers of all skill levels. There are surf schools and rental shops available for those who want to learn or enhance their surfing skills.

  • Sea Swim

    On beach close to the edge of the fishing harbour (well partly rocky coast) year round, though Christmas to April the sea is most calm.

  • Snorkelling/Diving

    The calm waters of Weligama Bay offer great opportunities for snorkeling and diving adventures. Explore the vibrant underwater world with its colorful coral reefs and diverse marine life.

  • Whale watching

    Whale Watching: Nearby Mirissa is a popular spot for whale and dolphin watching. You can take a boat tour to see these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat.

Are there restaurants/bars available?

All beach areas, but especially the towards Mirissa swamped with beach restaurants, bars and shacks. Since the police-dictated bulldozering of illegal beach structures in 2018 (similar to what Unawatuna got some years earlier) at least all built within the allotted legal space.

What is the best time to visit?

December to March and Mid July to September are the peak seasons in Weligama.

December to March is the dry season and you can expect to have warm temperature and calm seas which is ideal for snorkeling, scuba diving and swimming. Mind you this time is also the most crowded and costly so If you prefer a quieter experience, consider visiting in December or early January.

if you’re looking for a quieter and more budget-friendly trip and don’t mind occasional rain, you can still visit during this season, particularly in August and early September when the weather starts to improve.

What are the nearby attractions you can visit from Weligama?

weligama beach is ideal for surfing
  • Visit Kushta Raja Gala

    This historical site features a massive, ancient Buddha statue carved into a rock face, providing an opportunity for cultural exploration.

  • Snake Farm

    The Snake Farm in Weligama is a private rehabilitation and conservation center run by an Eastern Ayurvedic doctor specialized in venomous snake bites. Located in Thelijjawila, Weligama, the Snake Farm is known for its collection of snakes, including both venomous and non-venomous species. The owner keeps the snakes caged in his house and occasionally lets them out on the ground for visitors to see

  • Weligama Fish Market

    Experience the local culture by visiting the bustling fish market where you can see a wide variety of seafood being sold and witness the daily life of the locals.

  • Kataluwa Purvarama Maha Viharaya

    This historic Buddhist temple is known for its unique architecture and beautiful frescoes.

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