Sea Turtle Conservation

Insight Resort Ahangama, is a holiday resort situated south of Sri Lanka surrounded by the Indian Ocean.

As a tropical country, the ocean around Sri Lanka has many different types of sea species and one special specie is the sea turtle.

There are 7 different turtle species in the world and 5 are found around the ocean of Sri Lanka. All these turtles are categorized as endangered species all around the world.

Studies by scientists has revealed that the sea species including the sea turtle navigate at sea by sensing an invisible line of magnetic field similar to sailors using latitude and longitude. One amazing feature is the turtle’s lay eggs at the very same place they were born. So far no one has any clue regarding this, even the science/technology is yet to find any answers and research done on regular basis. It is incredible.

But these turtles are facing endangerment from humans who catch and kill them for consumption as food and eggs too. During the period of laying eggs, the turtles roam and dig the beaches to lay hundreds of eggs and cover them with sand. This is the time the turtles face risk of being caught.

Insight Resort is a sea front property and during laying period the turtles in large numbers come across to our property, and we are very vigilant and take every safety precaution to protect the mother turtles and eggs. Once the mother turtle lay eggs at our property, we carefully remove the eggs and provide a safe environment for 45 days or more until the eggs are hatched and the baby turtles are born. When the baby turtles can move around and with the help of the clients in the resort, we safely release them into the sea to live in their natural habitat.

This noble practise we have been doing for many years and share this with all liked minded people to spread the message of importance of saving this endangered species, the TURTLE.

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