Sea Turtle Conservation

Insight Resort Ahangama, a holiday resort situated south of Sri Lanka surrounded by the Indian Ocean, embraces a commitment to turtle conservation in Sri Lanka.

As a tropical country, the ocean around Sri Lanka hosts various sea species, with a special emphasis on sea turtles. There are 7 different turtle species globally, and 5 of them grace the ocean waters of Sri Lanka. Remarkably, all these turtles are categorized as endangered species worldwide.

Scientific studies have unveiled the incredible navigation abilities of sea species, including sea turtles, who navigate at sea by sensing an invisible line of a magnetic field, akin to sailors using latitude and longitude. An astounding feature is the turtles’ tendency to lay eggs at the very place they were born, a phenomenon that remains a mystery, even to the advancements of science and technology.

However, these magnificent creatures face endangerment from humans who catch and kill them for consumption as food, including their eggs. During the crucial period of laying eggs, turtles roam and dig the beaches to lay hundreds of eggs, making them vulnerable to human activities.

At Insight Resort, being a seafront property, we witness a large number of turtles during the laying period. We are vigilant and take every safety precaution to protect the mother turtles and their eggs. Once a mother turtle lays eggs at our property, we carefully remove the eggs, providing a secure environment for 45 days or more until the eggs hatch, and the baby turtles are born. With the assistance of our clients, we safely release the baby turtles into the sea, allowing them to thrive in their natural habitat.

This noble practice has been a part of our commitment for many years, and we share it with like-minded people to spread the crucial message of the importance of saving this endangered species, the TURTLE. Additionally, our involvement extends to turtle rescue efforts, contributing to the broader mission of safeguarding these remarkable creatures.

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