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Dear Valued Partner

Whilst we navigate through these challenging times in response to COVID-19, we greatly appreciate your support and understanding of our new procedures. For travel partners like yourself, we are conscious of how important traveler safety and security is to you. We are also reminded at times like this of the value of transparent communication in any partnership.


Hygiene and cleanliness are always paramount at the resort and given the current situation due to COVID-19, we want to reassure you that all measures have been implemented keeping the safety of our guests and colleagues in mind.


At Insight Resort Ahangama, we have been closely monitoring the Ministry of Health Sri Lanka and World Health Organization (WHO) advisories regarding the Novel Corona virus outbreak (COVID-19). On a daily basis, we are working to ensure the hotel meets with the most updated guidance and compliance norms on hygiene and cleaning. Our hotel’s health and safety measures are being redesigned to address a broad spectrum of cautions, including those prescribed by the WHO and the Public Health Department of Sri Lanka on COVID-19, from hand washing hygiene and cleaning product
specifications to guest room and common area cleaning procedures.


Welcoming, protecting and taking care of others is at the very heart of what we do. The dedication of our teams during this period has been exemplary while maintaining our high standard of service.


Hygiene, Cleanliness and Safety of our Associates

  • Implementation of social distancing measures for all Associates, with guidance and monitoring.
  • A self-declaration regarding travel and movement history is to be filled in by all Associates when they rejoin duty post the lockdown.
  • Regular hand cleaning and sanitization with a minimum of 20 seconds as per safety guideline procedure.
  • Guidance and training to educate all Associates on self-hygiene practices.
  • Hand sanitizers, gloves and masks are available in all areas and their use is mandatory.
  • All back of the house and customer access areas are frequently sanitized especially touch points such as door handles, doors, taps, WC buttons etc
  • Daily monitoring of body temperature of our Associates, our vendors, contractors entering
    the building.
  • Any Associate with symptoms of Covid-19 are advised to seek medical help, their contact details are shared with public health authorities for further action.

Implementation of New SOPs Focused on Hygiene, Cleanliness and Safety of Our Guests

  • Mandatory checks and measures at check in
    - Infrared thermal thermometer for contactless temperature.
    - Disinfecting baggage prior to any security scan.
  • As per government regulations a self-declaration form is to be filled in by all guests.
  • The hotel will stay guided by the instructions and recommendations of the Public Health Department, in case any of our guests display symptoms of, or have a confirmed case of COVID-19; specific SOPs will be enacted.
  • Specific SOPs for guest transportation, check in and check out process ensuring distancing and limited contact, housekeeping, laundry and provision of F&B services at the restaurant or via room service.
  • Hand sanitizers are available for guests at the reception and the restaurant.
  • Guests will be allocated rooms only after a minimum gap of 24 hours post cleaning and sanitization after checkout.
  • All public areas are frequently sanitized, especially frequently used areas such as door handles, doors, taps, WC buttons, computers, keypads, mouse, working desks, etc.
  • We have increased the frequency of cleaning our public areas (including the lobby, door handles, public bathroom, etc.) and have continued the use of hospital-grade disinfectant.
  • All hotel supplies, including perishables, are fully sanitized before entering the receiving area.
  • We are ensuring proper cleaning of vegetables, meats and all other materials that are required in the kitchens using food safe sanitizing agents to disinfect edibles.
  • All kitchen tools will get sanitized after every meal period and soaked in chlorine water when not in use.
  • At the restaurant and bar, the seating will be reduced to ensure social distancing when they reopen.
  • Use of disinfecting chemicals for more thorough and frequent cleaning of table tops, Front Desk & Micros and Menus will be employed.
  • All hotel laundry will be processed as per recommended chemicals and washed above 70 degree temperature as per the recommended guidelines.
  • Use of specific chemicals as prescribed to disinfect the virus.
  • Additionally, access to the nearby hospitals is available as well as fully equipped ambulance services.

We believe we are in this together. Our guests, associates, owners, partners and the broader community will work together relentlessly to overcome this situation and we look forward to your continued support. Having said that, you will also appreciate that above measures are good faith actions undertaken by the Hotel in this unprecedented situation which has resulted in a global crisis. The Hotel is not guaranteeing zero exposure to COVID and is constrained from assuming any form of loss or liability in this regard.


These processes will of course, continue to evolve, we are aware that as we implement them, they may cause some inconvenience to our repeat guests. We request your patience and understanding.


Meanwhile, please stay safe and take care during these difficult times.