03 May 2024

Kindly note there is a reduction in the buffet spread these days Compared to the high pricing periods.

26 Sep 2023

Dear Guests, It’s our pleasure to inform you that the Hotel is now open after the refurbishments.

14 Aug 2023

We regret to inform you that the resort will be closed for renovations from September 1st to September 26th in order to enhance our standards and provide you with an improved experience.

 We will be reopening and resuming operations on September 16th. This temporary closure of 15 days is aimed at ensuring a higher level of service for your satisfaction.

07 July 2023

Beach Status Update: Stay Informed about the Current Conditions

While Sri Lanka is a year-round destination, it experiences two main weather patterns along its southern and eastern coasts. From May to September, the Southwest monsoon brings rough seas. Despite having a beautiful, swimmable, and surfing-friendly beach in front of the resort, we do not recommend swimming during this period due to the sea conditions.

As our valued clients, we take it upon ourselves to keep you updated on the beach’s status, especially as you browse through our gallery to familiarize yourself with the property. 

Please click here to check the current status of the beach.

22 Feb 2023

At Insight Resort, wi-fi facility is offered only for general communication.

In case of requiring wi-fi capacity for work on holiday, it is recommended to rent a router as per the capacity requirement at a nominal rate, at the resort, offered by the service provider.

You also have an option of purchasing a sim card at the airport on arrival and activate a data package.

Thank you.
Management of Insight Resort

18 Jan 2023

Only guests in appropriate swimwear are allowed to use the pool.

17 Jan 2023

Guests are kindly requested not to be in the restaurant bare bodied

27 Jul 2022

Friends of Insight Resort,

It has been the culture to update Our valued Guests, of developments at Insight Resort, whether they are Positive or Negative.

It is with keen interest we made plans to upgrade the room interior in summer 2022, offering an upgraded product at Insight. With this in mind, in our feedback to guests, we expressed that the room Furniture would be upgraded in Summer 2022.

Sadly, due to the economic crisis situation in the Country importation of products have been restricted. As such we are compelled to postpone and delay the refurbishment plan. Sorry for that.

However, moment the situation Improves and Commences a recovery we hope to move on with the planned refurbishment.

24 Feb 2022

Service levels have come down mainly in the restaurant service due to lack of skilled staff leaving the industry during Covid 19. We are in the process of correcting the situation on the run with regular training of fresh Staff. The situation is to be fully corrected. It will take approximately 6 months from now on.


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